Consulting Services

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Custom Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Run Your Practice More Efficiently

We assist our clients in determining the appropriate product application for their needs, then work with the client and their IT personnel to integrate the system for optimal results. We recognize that one size does not fit all, so we work with our clients to make sure that the software and services are customized to meet their individual firm’s needs and how they work. Some firms request basic training, while others prefer detailed implementation and follow up. Our staff assists our clients by listening, teaching and supporting their needs.

Software Evaluation, Demonstration and Purchase

By identifying the right software for you, along with the customization we are able to provide, we can help you make informed decisions on the best way to run your business.

Implementation of Software

Our solutions implementation is completely seamless and painless. We work with your IT staff to ensure compatibility and no down time, and then we implement the new software on an agreed upon schedule. Our experience can help avoid potential problems that many other consulting and IT firms may experience.

Installation of New or Upgraded Software

We can help you install software for the first time, help you re-install software, or help you upgrade your software to latest versions. All of this is done within agreed upon deadlines and with as few problems as possible.

Conversion/Upgrade of Other Software

We will assist with exporting and obtaining as much information and history as possible from your old/current software, so that data re-entry is minimized and you can start with existing information.

Training for New and Existing Employees

Software is only effective if the people using it are comfortable using it. We specialize in training you and your staff in how to most effectively use your software for your business. That includes general use, running reports, billing, optimizing features, etc. We are patient with all of our trainings and classes, making you and your staff feel at ease, and making it especially conduscive to learning.

Report Building

We can help you build effective reports to better use the software. Reports are a necessary tool to analyze the data the software collects, and we can offer suggestions on the best ways to make use of the software.

Customization of Features

While the software is “stock”, our experience allows for a lot of customization of features and how the software can be used to best meet your needs and how you work. We listen to your needs and can truly customize the software to fit your business.

Troubleshooting and Resolving Issues

We are there when you most need us! Problems with technology will always arise, so we are available to solve those problems.

Reliable Ongoing Support

Borek Consulting Groups takes pride in always supporting our clients with any issues that arise. Unlike many competitors who are unreliable once the initial installation is complete, we develop relationships with all of our clients to ensure their long-term success.

Our Philosophy


It seems cliche, but how can we help our clients if we don’t first find out what their needs are? By first LISTENING to our clients, we can find out effective ways to meet their needs.

Then we discuss the options, ideas and solutions with the client, and together we decide on the best plan of attack.



We are always there to help you with your needs.

Many consultants simply sell and install the software, ignoring future problems. We prefer to develop client relationships by availing ourselves to all the situations that can arise. This approach can actually reduce the number of problems that occur, and reduce the damage that they can cause.

Whether that be additional training for new staff, or problem solving minor issues as they arise, or fixing major issues should they happen, we are your partner in success and want you to feel comfortable in the technology we help you with.



Even the fastest car in the world is no good if you don’t know how to drive. Teaching and training is the cornerstone of what we do. We teach you how to use the software most effectively to help run your business.

We do this over a series of short training sessions, which is the most effective way to learn.

By spending additional time up front, you can maximize your investment and successfully use the software in years to come. Furthermore, by knowing more in the beginning, you can oftentimes prevent problems from arising.